al clark

Resulting from a combination of a reluctance to be shackled to one specific style of photography, a long standing interest in writing, and two years of research for my MA in Visual Arts, my practice evolved – largely without me noticing – from to (although both continue to co-exist).


My practice reflects observations of evolving societies and human interaction; of the complexity and randomness of life and the universe we live in; of a constantly changing sense of truth, where facts are disproved and our knowledge of unknowns increases, where order gives way to chaos and the only order is chaos – even though we don’t know it.  However, far from being unsettling, embracing this chaos has given me a sense of freedom and provided a catalyst for new thinking.  And from this has emerged – as both an online gallery and extension of my studio.


The alclark home page presents a set of ‘portals’ through which the viewer can travel in whichever direction they choose, where they are invited to engage with photography, film, written word or a combination of any or all of the three. The ‘portals’ represent windows into other worlds, different choices, different paths – each of which stand for freedom and flexibility, exploration and experimentation.


Some may be linked either now or at a later date or never at all. Some may be more active than others. Some may thrive. Some may wither. One may become dominant. Some – or all – may die. I have no idea how this virtual society will evolve, or how long it will exist for. It may live with me from now until my dying day. I may invite others to participate or leave it to someone in my will! Or I may decide to drop it tomorrow.


Although tangental, all ‘portals’ share a common characteristic. They are the physically manifestation in a virtual world, of the invisible reality of firing neurons.  They are both component part and standalone piece. Individual pieces and a synergistic evolving, living mass. They are cause and effect. They challenge perceptions and invite questions – stimulants for the imagination which invite the viewer within and beyond; to how our evolution – and all that has emerged from it – have impacted our real world experiences, education, knowledge, behaviour, beliefs, minds – and thought itself, blurring the lines between physical and virtual, between real and imaginary and between true and false. And then again, some are just nice to look at, read or listen to.


And together, they present a synergy embracing chaos and uncertainty. A virtual society full of unknowns within a universe of endless possibilities – where it's meaning may lie in not making sense.






Artist's Statement